About us


The Knights of St. Martin from the Mount of Beatitudes is a lay people association who, inspired by the Gospel Beatitudes and the example of St. Martin of Tours, aims to put Jesus Christ at the center of their personal, family and professional daily life, carryng on the Beatitudes’ message all around the world.


Men and women wishing a life inspired by Gospel’ values inside the family and in the exercise of their professions, they are allowed to be active part of the Order. During the admission’s ceremony, they promise to live honestly and, as far as they can, to help others like the Good Samaritan of the Gospel (Lk 10, 25-37)


The Knights Motto is what St. Martin said: “Non recuso laborem” (I do not refuse the work)


Knights Mission follows on the St. Martin rules’ route. In Fact, the Knights, inspired by the example of the Saint who shared his cloak with a beggar, will try to share their spiritual and material resources, joys and sorrows with needing people. They will particularly try to find their spiritual strength and interior lighting in the Bible’s reading and in the “Breaking the bread), it means in the “Eucharist”, being themselves peaceful and light’s beacons people. People liable to look for friendship, to listen, to forgive and to encourage.


The knights St. Martin of the Beatitudes’ Mount  was founded by a graft of modernity on the trunk of an ancient and tested tradition. The old cavalry had been practicing and teaching the values of sacrifice, dedication, courage, loyalty in serving God and defending weakness. Nowadays men and women have tried to overcome  the medieval chivalry legends, because fascinated  by charismatic personality of St. Martin de Tours, the first Knight who, in the severe winter, shared his cloak with a poor man and then he devoted his life to the peace’s and charity’s service.


Thinking over this Gentleman’s story , who, inspired by the Gospel Beatitudes,  gave up  wielding the sword to lean on the life injured people’s  needs, the Knights propose to live  their life to the praise of God, in Creation’s respect, social obligations and to the service of the weakest.


The inspiring   code of their life is the conviction that happiness does not consist in wealth, or in the power pursuit, nor in any other human action; is it only in the God’s pursuit.

The Knights assemble in the “TABLE” where they elect all charges and they discuss any ideas. Currently, the Order is present in Piemont, Veneto, Umbria, Abruzzi, Lazio, Campania, Calabria e Puglia as well as in Latin America in Venezuela, USA, Switzerland  where it has been founded the Balliato and  England, Poland, Emirates, Belgium, Mexico, Colombia, China and Canada.


Access  is co-opted accepting all those who, eager to be part of it, motivate their consent recognizing the values and the Statute of St. Martin’s Order


General Prior | Lorenzo de Medici


Prince Lorenzo de’ Medici was born in Catanzaro, on November 17, 1975, by Kristina Kuharska , noble Polish of Ragivil’s Family (Polish princes) and his father de’ Medici who is descended from the famous Florentine Family. His mother gave him a catholic education, applying himself to solidarity and volunteer sector, for his mother’s family supported and was loyal to the catholic anti-communism resistance in Poland during the Russian regime. 

Regent | Lorenzo Ferraro


Dr. Lorenzo FERRARO is the St. Martin Knights Association’s President and Regent. The Regent is the administrative chief and legal officer of St. Martin of Beatitudes’ ‘Mounts Order.. He graduated at La Sapienza University in Rome, on 1994. He is employed by Public Administration and he has always been interested in cultural activities and volunteering. He is member and treasurer of Fatima Apostolate National Council.

Superior Chaplain | Padre Luigi Mezzadri


He was born in Piacenza on May 16, 1937. He pursued his studies in Alberoni College in Piacenza and Siena, then he graduated in History of Church at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome.



The Knights of San Martin  is an association of lay people, who, inspired by the Gospel Beatitudes and the example of St. Martin of Tours, aims to put Jesus Christ at the center of their personal, family and professional daily life, so bringing the Beatitudes’ message to the world.

There are admitted men and women living the Gospel’s values inside the family and in the exercise of their profession. In the act of admission, they promise to live honestly, and as far as they can, to help the neighbor as the Gospel’s Good Samaritan. (Lk 10, 25-37)