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Prior General 
Lorenzo DeMedici

Prince Lorenzo de Medici was born to Kristina Kuharska, a Polish noble from the Ragivil family (Polish princes) and his father

de Medici descended from the famous Florentine family in Catanzaro on November 17, 1975. From his mother he received a Catholic education led to solidarity and volunteering as the mother's family supported and financed the anti-communist Catholic resistance in Poland during the Russian regime.

His parents got married in the Vatican as they were unable to celebrate the wedding in Poland, given the Communist regime which tended to block religious marriages between the nobility of that country and the other European nobility. He graduated in Political Science at the University of Salerno and defended his thesis on the History of the Church.

He was educated according to the religious precepts of the Catholic religion and in his childhood he participated with humanitarian organizations in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia where he was confronted with the harsh reality of diseases such as cholera, typhoid and AIDS.

It also participates in fundraising for the Polish church (especially the church of Dvor Maz and the scientific high school of the same country), and to finance and host Polish seminarians in Italy who came to study at the Gregorian University. He also financed the Polish cemetery in Cassino with its small chapel.

The Medici family, for its philanthropy and for the efforts made for Polish Catholics, had the honor of hosting John Paul II during his visit to Calabria. The Medici family also renovated the church of Martirano Lombardo (Martirano was a very important cathedral and bishopric in the Middle Ages and is still today a bishopric).

The Medici family boasts among its ancestors three popes (Leo X, Clement VII, Leo XI; and Pius IV, a distant relative from a Lombard lineage of the family and two queens of France (Catherine and Maria de' Medici).
Prince Lorenzo de Medici lived in various American and Russian cities where he developed an international vision of existence brought to a practical sense, to relationships, to culture. 

He is a knight of the Order of Martirano. His maxim is to make nobility a service to the weak, the defenseless and the less fortunate.


Business model design for foreign trade for Italian companies: tourism "European Beach Resort" (Italy)

European sales manager for Dreamhammer inc advanced defense technologies (Washington USA)
Business intelligence manager ( opening of new markets ) Ferrari shop, Ferrari ( Maranello )

Business developer "Ortas group" large construction and logistics .Istanbul (Turkey)
Development of luxury brands: Massimo Trulli (Rome)
Global sales manager of jewelry sector “Labortas and Karpova (Kiev UA)
Film Distribution Manager “Northern Arts Entertainment” (USA)
Marketing Manager Congress Center Hotel Caposuvero (Calabria)
Marketing manager and cultural section sponsor Tribeca Film Festival (NY) (USA).
Promoter / organizer Art culture - international events on Made in Italy.
Organization “Italian Week in Moscow” (country club Nahabina).
Italian fashion week Kiev promotion of Italian fashion.
Development coordinator in Italy for Art and Culture for Hungary and the province of Nograd (Hungary).
Programmer and Marketing Consultant of Miff: Milano International Film Festival.


MBA: in Fashion Design and Luxury Goods

Master in finance, specific for the made in Italy Alma Graduate School, Bologna
Master in Business Communication and Media Management ( Master in Business Communication
international and media management) Trent University of Nottingham ,Universidad autonomous de
Barcelona, Academy of Communication in Milan) specialization in International Marketing.
Degree in Political Science international address University of Salerno (Thesis on the history of the church and the
monastic orders) Thesis on Argentine politics and scholar of Renaissance history.
Film Directing Academic Diploma (Free University of Rome Cinema)
Academic Diploma in Film Acting from the New York Film Academy Universal S LA (usa)
Course in Hospitality Management ( customer care management ) (Murrel South Africa)
Volunteering and charity activities: participation in non-profit projects in Africa, Zimbabwe
Organization of AIDS awareness campaigns (amfar) Cannes / Calabria
Fundraiser “Cold Harbor Laboratory and DNA stuff (scientific research on epilepsy and cancer) New York
Organizer of the "double helix medal" scientific award in Europe for the Nobel Prize Watson discoverer of DNA
Knight of the Catholic Order of Martirano (Calabria)
Grand prior of the order of San Martino del Monte delle Beatitudes (Rome)

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